Dear guests ! 

 "Gasthof zur Traube" is a traditional Gasthaus, which has been existing for centuries long before tourism took place in the area. 


Although times have changed we want to keep as much as possible of the old tradition. 

An important element of our tradition is the use of regional good for homemade production. So we produce Sauerkraut, bacon, fruitjuice, Schlutzkrapfen and more and buy meat, potatos, cheese, .... from farmers of the origin.

Our "Gasthaus" is also a meeting place for sociable people (Exchange of informations, entertainment,...).

We try hard to satisfy your wishes as for as it is in the bounds of our tyrolien Gasthaus - culture. 

If you are satisfied with us, please pass it on, if you are not happy, let us know so we can make it better. 


In this sense we wish you a pleasant stay and a lot of fun. Enjoy your holiday.


Fam. Matt - Wernig and the "Traube" team !